POS Finance


Minimum of 6 months of operations with at least one POS from Unified Payments

Your online business sells minimum of 20 transactions per week via one POS

Your online business is able to show at least NGN 100,000 revenues on average in the last 6 months

Clean credit report with any local Credit Bureau


Government issued means of identification (International Passport, National ID, Driver’s License, Voters ID)

CAC Documents (CAC 2 & 7) (if applicable)

Last 12 months Bank Statements (Main Account)

BVN of the business owner

NUBAN cheque (if loan above NGN 1,000,000)

Filled direct debit form (REMITA)

Signed Personal Guarantee forms and another Guarantor

Corporate guarantee through Board Resolution (if LTD Company)

Maximal Loan Amount

NGN 20,000,000

per invoice and credit line

Processing Fee

1.0% - 2.0%

of loan facility and per invoice

Interest Rate

from 4.0% - 7.0% p.m.

on borrowed amount

Please note: Fee and rate depend on the internal risk score evaluation of LENDIGO